Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I purchase your pottery? I work by monthly restocks where I fill my shop with the work I made during the month. I do not take orders or have spare inventory. The ceramics process is lengthy and takes 3-4 weeks to make a batch of work big enough for a restock. I know this is not ideal, but I am only one person and this is what works best for me as the sole maker.

- Can I request a custom order? I do not take customs, commissions or holds due to my workload and limited kiln space. If I ever offer a limited preorder, I will announce it via social media. 

When is your next restock? My restock dates are found at the top of my website homepage and in my bio on Social Media platforms. If it says "TBA" this means I am in between restocks and still early on in my creating process for the months restock. I do not and cannot announce restock dates early due to the unpredictable nature of ceramics. When I know a restock date, I will announce it via posts/stories on Instagram (please read my captions!) and put the date and time in my bio. As long as you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you shouldn’t miss a restock announcement. I will announce restocks about 3-4 days before the drop. 

- How much are your pieces? My prices usually range from about $95-$200+ USD depending on size, design and materials. I price higher when: a piece has many process steps, multiple layers of glazing application, multiple luster firings. If a piece has 22k gold luster or Mother of Pearl applied, the material expense along with extra firing/safety precautions needed for gold luster make it more time consuming and expensive to create. 

- Do you ship internationally? Yes. The buyer is responsible for any customs fees.

How much is shipping? All of my shipping prices are unknown until calculated at checkout. It depends on how far the package is traveling and how heavy it is. I use USPS or UPS to ship and cannot predict how much it will be for you before purchasing. On average, for one mug, you can expect to pay about $8-$15 for domestic shipping and $20-$40 for international. This will all depend on distance (from Ohio/USA) and weight. 

- Are you sold out? If you don't see anything for sale in the shop, then yes! I am currently in between restocks working hard to get more pottery made for the current or next months restock.

How often do you restock? Depending on how large each restock is, I try to have one per month. They will usually be towards the end of the month with 20-40 pieces.

- Where can I find updates? I am most active on these apps in order: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can find frequent updates on my Instagram page & stories to stay up to date on what I'm doing! Check my Instagram bio for my current status & process times. Read captions for more detailed info!

Do you combine shipping for multiple purchases? If I am able to fit multiple pieces safely in one box, I will combine your purchases and refund any shipping overages you paid over the combined weight.

Do you take PayPal? I don’t take PayPal. Other forms of accelerated payments are accepted like Apple Pay (iPhone), Google Pay (Android) and Shop Pay (Shopify returning user). 

- Can I save my credit card info? Unfortunately Shopify does not allow you to save your credit card info. You can make an account which will save you some time checking out. If you have used Shopify before, or Apple Pay, it will automatically ask to fill in your info at checkout. This is the quickest way to purchase.

- Is your pottery microwave/dishwasher safe? If there is gold luster on your piece, it is not microwave safe. You can put any of my pieces in the dishwasher, but gold luster may tarnish over time from harsh heat and detergents (this is normal). BUT! I always recommend hand washing and treating your handmade ceramics like you would fine china. They will last you a lifetime if you treat them well! 

- Is your pottery food safe? Yes, the glaze and over-glaze I use on my work is lead-free and food safe.

What is gold luster? It is an over-glaze used in ceramics similar to a lacquer that is applied by brush to a glazed surface of pottery. It is extremely toxic in this liquid form and requires a heavy-duty vapor respirator, goggles and gloves while being applied in a ventilated space. After luster application, each piece is fired to about 1200F for a third and final time to achieve the shiny gold finish. I use Premium 22k Gold Luster that is sold in a 2gram bottle for around $50. It is real metal and will spark in the microwave like any other metal would!