⋄ Daydreamer Collection ⋄

The Daydreamer collection depicts a sunrise/sunset with delicate gold luster details on the moon and stars. Hand-painted glazes in soft pastels create a dreamy effect mimicking the beautiful colors we only glimpse for a short time every morning and night. The beauty of these pieces is that it is up to the viewer to choose which sky (morning or night) they see.

A sunrise signifies rebirth or awakening. It is a fresh start to your day with endless possibilities for the future. A sunset symbolizes the mystery of life and the completion of a day, in which time is a force we cannot control. It represents the changes in life over time and the natural transformation we all experience. 

Which do you choose, sunrise or sunset?

Daydreamer Mini Planters 

Daydreamer Planters

Daydreamer Mugs

Daydreamer Paint Cup & Palette

Daydreamer Tall Mug

 Daydreamer Trinket Tray