{ September Preorder }

*EDIT* Sold Out!

Preorder for New House Electrical Upgrades!

The preorder from September 15th is helping fund the electrical upgrades needed in the older home we just moved into. It is our first home and we are so excited to get the studio and kiln up and running! With your help through this preorder, I will be able to fund a new electrical service to the garage for my kiln. I can't thank you enough for helping me and I'm so grateful for your support in this next step in our journey! 


My goal is to get most of the preorder pieces out before Christmas, but it is not guaranteed (please email me if your purchase is a gift and you absolutely NEED it by Xmas). If your piece does not arrive by Xmas, it could be due to many reasons. The most likely is that the PO gets backed up during the holidays especially with the pandemic. Things were arriving almost a month late last year.  This will be the largest volume of work being completing at one time totaling about 100 pieces. Please be patient with me! I am a one woman show. Each mug is crafted with care and intention, and takes hours to make by the end of the ceramic process, being hand thrown, hand carved and appliqued, painted with glaze by hand, and fired a total of three to four times. I will try my hardest to get your mug to you as soon as possible but if it doesn't arrive by December, it will arrive at the latest, by the end of January. Many variables can make the process longer a lot of which are out of my control. Thank you for understanding! <3

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